History Of Estella B.

From the very beginning, I always knew what I wanted for myself. That was freedom in any way possible, success, happiness, longevity and the list goes on. I know each and every one of those are possible and if I accomplished one, I can accomplish all. 


In 2015, after I graduated I first start making denim sandals. I would go to the thrift store and pick out Tommy Hilfiger jean, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein jeans and more. I purchased slip on sandals for like $6 at Walmart and we sit and cut out the jeans and hot glue it to the sandals. This all came about because I was tired of working at a call center so one day I called out and told myself I will make my money somehow. I posted the first pair I every made selling them at $40. I was amazing at how much support I had!


After starting my journey with denim sandals, in 2016 is when I first touched a sewing machine. My cousin was in charge of an event in Fort Lauderdale called Haitian Pride Festival May of 2016 and wanted me to be in charge of the fashion side. It was overwhelming at first because I knew nothing on how to make clothes but I was so interested. For the photoshoot of the festival to give people a taste of what to expect, I made about 10 outfits with just a stapler! When I seen what I did with a stapler, I went and purchased my first sewing machine at Walmart for $80. For the actual festival sewed 8 outfits and that was my very first time sewing, if I was capable of doing that I was not going to stop just there!



After seeing what I was capable of doing, I took it and ran with it. I started my business of custom designs! I gained my first real client in June of 2016, just a few weeks after showing everyone what I was capable of. I am forever blessed and thankful for everyone that pushed me to make it this far my sister, my cousin Dadly, Cent my friends and the list goes on. Without their motivation I wouldn't have picked up my hobby and now career.

Below is my very first logo along with my first client


 That was only the fuel to begin this journey of becoming Estella B. I started doing customs more I started doing prom dresses, and mainly custom birthday outfits. In February of 2017, I moved to Chicago,IL just for a better opportunity! It was amazing how much support I received for prom season in Chicago. Though that was an amazing time of my life, Chicago wasn't the place for me so I went back home and continued to chase my dream.

It was so many ups and downs trying to juggle business, getting to know myself and still having a personal life along with a full time job. I was always quitting because of my business, working for others was not for me. From 2017 to 2020, I've been in multiple fashion shows and pop up shops, I've experienced many prom seasons which was the most stressful thing I ever experienced to now being closer to the vision I have for my brand!

Below are pictures of prom seasons and fashion shows



In 2020, I was finally able to purchase my first office space during COVID. I then lost my job and prom season was cancelled so I didn't know what I was going to do to maintain it, I was still doing customs but that too was beginning to take a toll on me. That wasn't something I seen myself doing for every, so i took so time out and created my first collection, Aniq Collection. Over 7k likes and over 30 pieces sold, it could've been more but the fabric was discontinued, just by experience releasing my first collection I knew I discovered that was what I wanted for my brand. I now have the Galore Swim on sale and many other collections and surprises to come this year! 


It's never about how you start, its how you finish!


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